There are many interesting facts about water, when you start looking at water as more than just a drink it is quite a fascinating thing to study.

  1. The human body is made up of 55% – 75% water.
  2. Although it is recommended for you to consume 8 cups of water each day, it is not necessary to drink all of this water. Almost every food or drink item will provide the body with some water.
  3. By the time a person feels thirsty he is already dehydrated. At this time his body has already lost over 1% of its total water amount.
  4. After exercising people often think they have lost weight, this is loss of water and not fat as sometimes believed.
  5. Caffeine is an ingredient in many soft drinks, tea and coffee so although the drink itself is made up mostly of water, the caffeine contained in the drinks prevent the water from travelling to where it is needed. This is because caffeine acts as a mild diuretic.
  6. The Earth contains about 326 million cubic miles of water.
  7. Pure water has no smell and no taste, it also has a pH level around 7.
  8. 20 gallons of water are needed to create one pint of beer.
  9. Water can dissolve more substances than any other liquid including sulfuric acid.

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