Do you want a great office solution to keep staff and clients happy? It is a known fact that when people are dehydrated they become grumpy and irritable, in actual fact dehydration is the main cause of moodiness, frustration and headaches. As our bodies become depleted of fluid we lose concentration and can’t think straight which in turn leads to irritability and lack of focus.

Just imagine everyone happy, joyous and focused on what they are doing. Something as simple as a glass of water can help very much in this goal. Increasing fluid intake just by a couple of glasses of water each day will  improve your long-term health and keep your organs working at their optimum performance levels. No more grumpy customers! that would make such a difference in everyone’s day….

We speak to many people each and every day whilst we are visiting clients and servicing our coolers and one of the most common thing we are told is that once the cooler was installed everyone increased the amount of water they drank and they were less inclined to drink sugary carbonated drinks. They also felt that having the cooler there encouraged them to drink more.

Our water coolers come with cool and cold or hot and cold options. So if you are wanting to serve hot beverages you have boiling water on tap without turning on a kettle. That is great for businesses where staff have a 10-minute tea break as they don’t have to wait around for a kettle to boil to make their cuppas.

Our coolers are great office solutions where clients and customers are waiting around for services such as doctors, dentists, and other medical waiting rooms, Mechanics workshops, hotel lobbies, in fact pretty much anywhere that has access to water and a power point.

Our rental plans start at as little as $1.90 per day with no locked in contract and a seven-day free trial. We service Far North Queensland from Innisfail to Mossman and the Tablelands.

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