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Don't be weighed down with locked in contracts. You don't need to be locked in to get the best deal at FWC.

Water cooler leasing 

From $1.90 p/day

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Ask about our included scheduled services. We service up to 4 times as often as that of our competitors.

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We're here in Cairns and we'll get to you in half the time our competitors will take to organise someone.

Looking for a water cooler

At Filtered Water Company, we specialise in providing all your water cooling needs to business in and around the Cairns Hinterland.

Cairns Filtered Water Company Packages


Water Cooler Leasing

Provide unlimited cold filtered water for the same price as a small bottle of water. From $1.90 p/day

Water Coolers

We have a range of water coolers and filter packages to suit any business requirement.


All our water coolers are equipped with filtration to suit our North Queensland environment.

Free Onsite Quote

Contact us for a free consultation on which water cooler will best fit within your business needs.

Free Installation

That's correct. All our water coolers are installed by our friendly and professional team .... for free.

No Plastic Bottles

No need to change over heavy plastic bottles any more. The water is filtered directly from the water cooler.

Service & Sanitising

We have scheduled servicing which is carried out quarterly. Up to 4 times that of some of our competitors.

Cold or Hot

Apart from having a range of water coolers, we also have options for either cold & cool or hot & cold units.

Water updates

From our blog

The Benefits of Sole Water

The benefits of Sole water have been seen by many who have tried it. Most of us have heard about drinking lemon water to help detoxify our bodies, but have you heard about adding water to your water for health? Salt can be very beneficial to our health. Salt naturally contains minerals that are necessary…

Japanese Water Therapy

Japanese water therapy helps promote weight loss, relieves stress and aids your digestive system to work more efficiently. Do you need more energy?  Well, Japanese water therapy could be just what you need.  Drinking water first thing in the morning will help to boost your overall health. Japanese traditional medicine recommends drinking water just after…

30-Day Water Challenge Revisited

Well, here we go, the 30-day water challenge revisited. A couple of years ago we wrote about the 30-day water challenge. We spoke about how it was really important to drink enough water daily. To keep your body working at optimum performance levels, you should be drinking 0.033 litres of water per kilo of bodyweight. With summer…


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